Huyton with Roby Child Contact Centre

Keeping Children in touch with parents following separation

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Photo Tour


  • The Garden

    The Garden

  •  The Lounge

    The Lounge

  • The Conservatory

    The Conservatory



Here is a tour around our premises.


The front garden and car park (especially good for football) can be used by families in warmer weather - presided over by Dolly our friendly Lambanana.


You enter through the Reception at the far left hand of the building and into the large hall where we have a good selection of toys and games for all ages. There is a small outside enclosed play area off this hall.


A smaller hall has table tennis, snooker and a Wii and is convenient for the tuck shop. Tea and coffee are free, but there are drinks and snacks to buy as well.


There is a separate lounge for resident parents to wait in.


We also have a conservatory which we use as a chill out room with settees and comfy cushions.


The premises are fully accessible.