Huyton with Roby Child Contact Centre

Keeping Children in touch with parents following separation

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What do people say about us?


We have been running for over 20 years. In that time we have never had a formal complaint - but we have had lots of compliments - here are a selection:


Feedback from 2021/2022


‘I am very grateful to you and the team for giving us all the support over the last 9 months. It was a long drawn process but we reached there.’ Dad


‘I would like to thank you and all the team for helping me and my daughter through. We have felt very comfortable and we both have many memories and friends that we will cherish. Thank you once again for your kindness.’ Mum


‘I had court today and I can finally see the kids without coming to Contact Centre which I’m really happy about, but I’m very thankful to you and all the people at the Contact Centre for giving your free time, not just to me, but everyone who has to go through that process. Without people like you a lot of children would suffer not seeing their mum or dad and I’m so grateful for people like you and everyone who you work with there. You will always be in my heart and thoughts. You made me feel very comfortable there, even though I hated the thought of having to go initially. From the very first day you all made me feel comfortable and very relaxed. Thank you for being the stars you all are. Please keep shining – your love and kindness is not unnoticed.’ Dad


‘Huyton with Roby Child Contact Centre has been facilitating a great experience at the centre. All of the volunteers have been kind and respectful. The overall experience I have to say has been life changing for me as I couldn't see my daughter for over 6 months. My relationship with my daughter has been getting stronger and we have been bonding. The facility is great, there is plenty of space and an amazing outdoor space which adds a lot to the experience. The Coordinator and her colleagues has been providing a fantastic service and truly trying their best every visit.’ Dad


‘There are excellent facilities here. My daughter loves blowing bubbles and Peppa Pig – the Centre had blowing bubbles and a massive box full of Peppa Pig goodies. The outside space is excellent – very impressed. The staff are friendly, helpful and very proactive. They made my daughter feel welcome and when she gets a bit bored they are quick to react with adding further toys to engage her. They have been very supportive and go above and beyond in their support. ‘ Dad


‘To all the people that work at the Contact Centre. We would like to say thank you for always making us feel safe and welcome.’ Children



Previous years:


'Thank you for all your help and time and support over the past year. You're doing a great job. Keep up the good work'


'Thank your for all your support, sympathetic ears and good advice over the past 12 months and thank you for giving me a reason not to give up, but most of all thank you all just for being there'


'Amazing welcome for me and my daughter - warm and friendly, lots of advice. Made our first visit calming and as soon as we arrived I knew we had made the best decision. Lots of support, not just for my daughter, but for me as her mum. We have been really excited to be coming back and I can't thank the staff enough for their attention and help at this difficult time.'


'The Contact Centre has a nice relaxed home-like feel for families. The staff are continuously fantastic and my son enjoys being able to come and see his dad. The Centre offers brilliant facilities to parents and children'


'I will never forget the harrowing time I went through at the break up of my marriage and subsequent animosity between myself and my husband. My first visit to the Contact Centre was traumatic as I never thought this would happen to me. However, you made good out of a bad situation. The Centre was bright, clean and cheery - for my son, just like a nursery (he will never be scarred from his visits). You showed empathy and made it appear as 'normal' a situation as can be. Through the battle of court cases you tried to make this as comfortable an experience as possible. I will never forget your efforts to make a small part of my life easier and how your kindness was so gladly welcomed'